Scheduled Music Test

WWUH Classical Programming – September/October 2007
Sunday Afternoon at the Opera… Sundays 1:00 – 4:30 pm
Evening Classics… Weekdays 4:00 to 7:00/ 8:00 pm
Drake’s Village Brass Band… Mondays 7:00-8:00 pm

Sun 2 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Hagan: Bandanna
Mon 3 Sowerby: All on a Summer’s Day; Converse: Flivver
10 Million; Bax: On the Sea Shore; Macdowell: Woodland Sketches; Buck: Variations on the Last Rose of Summer
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Summer Time Band
Concert #7 – Drake’s Grand Finale
Tue 4 Host’s Choice
Wed 5 Host’s Choice
Thu 6 Steve’s Favorites. An annual indulgence in which
your host plays some of his favorite recordings…
Mozart: Magic Flute Overture; Monteverdi: Vespro
Dello Beate Virgine; Beethoven: Piano Sonata #14
“Moonlight”; Rachmaninov: Symphony #2
Fri 7 On the 20th Century Limited…Music to Celebrate the
Labor Day Holiday
Sun 9 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Puccini: Edgar
Mon 10 Hindemith: Ludus Tonalis; Foulds: Mirage;
Persichetti: Symphony #7 “Liturgical”; Grosz: Afrika-Songs; Hindemith: Suite 1922
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Malcolm Arnold for
Tue 11 Barber: Piano Sonata, Op. 26; Richter: Sinfonia #53
Borodin: String Quartet #1; Berlioz: Requiem
Wed 12 Host’s Choice
Thu 13 Lombardini Sirman: Violin Concerto Op. 3 #1;
Beethoven: Piano Sonata #15; C. Schumann: Piano
Sonata in G Minor; Palestrina: Lamentations of
Jeremiah – 3rd Book; Foote: Chamber Music;
Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire, Piano Concerto;
Jarre: Film Music
Fri 14 On the 20th Century Limited…The White-haired
Girl – Music of the Chinese Ballet
Sun 16 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…J. C. Bach:
Amadis des Gaules
Mon 17 Chadwick: Piano Pieces; Hovhaness: Concerto #10
For Piano, Trumpet and Strings; Persichetti:
Symphony #8, Symphony #9 “Janiculum”
Drake’s Village Brass Band…U. S. Air Force Band –
Songs of the Earth
Tue 18 Host’s Choice
Wed 19 Host’s Choice
Thu 20 Host’s Choice, including new releases and new
additions to the WWUH library
Fri 21 On the 20th Century Limited…Bruch: Kol Neidre and
Other Music for the Jewish High Holidays
Sun 23 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Janacek: Jenufa
Mon 24 Copland: Music for a Great City; Herrmann: The
Devil and Daniel Webster Suite; Weill: Little Three
Penny Music; Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasilieras #2;
North: 2001 A Space Odyssey
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Philip Jones Brass
Ensemble – The Battle
Tue 25 Continuation of several ongoing series:
Shostakovich: Preludes and Fugues, J. S. Bach:
Well Tempered Klavier Book 2; Rubbra: Symphonies;
Milhaud: Symphonies; Arnold: Works
Wed 26 Host’s Choice
Thu 27 Roman: Golovin Music; Arcadelt: Missa Noe Noe;
Beethoven: Piano Sonata #16; Faure: Violin Sonata
#1; Scott: Festival Overture, Violin Concerto
Fri 28 On the 20th Century Limited… “What You Will” –
Host’s Choice as Will Mackey fills in for the
Vacationing Larry
Sun 30 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Van de Vae:
Nemo: Janseits von Vulkania
Mon 1 Guarnieri: Symphonies #2 & 3; Hovhaness:
Armenian Rhapsodies; Elgar: The Starlight Express
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Washington Symphonic
Brass – Nielsen on Brass
Tue 2 Host’s Choice
Wed 3 Host’s Choice
Thu 4 Tempestuous Tunes…Purcell: The Tempest Overture;
Vivaldi: Concerto “Tempesta di Mare”; Salieri: Sinfonia “ Tempesta di Mare”; Beethoven: Piano
Sonata #17; Liley: The Tempset; Chausson: The
Tempest, Op. 18 – Dances; Tchaikovsky: The Tempest, Op. 18; Sibelius: The Tempest, Op. 109
Fri 5 On the 20th Century Limited… The Kronos Plays…!
Sun 7 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera… Verdi: Falstaff
Mon 8 Color Symphonies…Various: Tone Poems of Color;
Torke: Ecstatic Orange; Bliss: A Colour Symphony;
Corigliano: The Red Violin – Chaconne for Violin and
Orchestra; Ellington: Black, Brown and Beige;
Russo: Street Music – A Blues Concerto
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Washington Symphonic
Brass- Ancient Airs for Brass and Organ
Tue 9 Sibelius: Piano Quintet in G Minor; Lieberson:
Neruda Songs; Gorecki: Symphony #2; Schubert:
Mass #1 in F Major
Wed 10 Host’s Choice
Thu 11 Fischer: Le Journal des Printemps – Suite 1;
Beethoven: Piano Sonata #18; Josquin: Songs and
Motets; Herschel: Symphonies 12 -14; Shostakovich:
October, Op. 131; Dett: Magnolia Suite; Morricone:
Film Music; Wolf-Ferrari: Suite Concertino;
Prokofiev: String Quartet #1
Fri 12 On the 20th Century Limited…The Juliet Letters:
A Song Sequence for String Quartet and voice –
played in its entirety in response to listener
feedback to excerpts
Sun 14 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Handel: Giustino
Mon 15 Prokofiev: Waltz Suite; Britten: Death in Venice
Suite; Korngold: Deception; Rozsa: Spellbound
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Triton Trombone
Quartet – Triton’s Journey
Tue 16 Host’s Choice
Wed 17 Host’s Choice
Thu 18 Lawes: Consort Music; Beethoven: Piano Sonatas
#19 & #20; Galuppi: Concerto in C; Schutz:
Deutches Magnificat; Foerster: Symphony #4;
Biggs: Triple Concerto; Faure: Violin Sonata #2
Fri 19 On the 20th Century Limited…Native American
Music of R. Carlo Nakai
Sun 21 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Mozart: Lucio Silla
Mon 22 Monday Night at the Movies… Herrmann: Torn
Curtain; Rozsa: Madame Bouvery; North: Viva
Zapata, Death of a Salesman
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Persichetti- Band Works
Tue 23 Stamitz: Clarinet Concerto #11; Myaskovsky:
Symphony #25; Borodin: String Quartet #2;
Bruckner: Te Deum
Wed 24 Host’s Choice
Thu 25 Bizet: L’Arlesienne – Complete; J. Strauss II: Waltzes
and Polkas; Grechaninov: Symphony #2; G. A.
Schumann: Sacred Songs; Rogister: String Quartet
#2; Burrell: Resurrection; Lieberson: Neruda Songs
Fri 26 On the 20th Century Limited…Pre-Halloween music –
Glass: Dracula; Strauss: Death and Transfiguration
Sun 28 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Britten: A
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Mon 29 Collins: Masque of the Red Death; Sowerby: Theme
in Yellow; Elfman: Mummy, Daddy; Gould: Jekyll
and Hyde Variations; Kaper: Them!
Drake’s Village Brass Band…French Trumpet
Concertos, John Holt Trumpet
Tue 30 Continuation of several ongoing series:
Shostakovich: Preludes and Fugues, J. S. Bach:
Well Tempered Klavier Book 2; Rubbra: Symphonies;
Milhaud: Symphonies; Arnold: Works
Wed 31 Host’s Choice